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Supporting dreamers and doers at the intersection of community,
social justice, and technology.
Makers, builders, founders, and entrepreneurs
who make a positive difference.


It takes time, diligence, and gratitude for the gift of "the present" to achieve shared goals. Let's envision, articulate, plan, and keep accountable to your biggest dreams - together.


People who make a positive difference over the long term require a sense of mission, vision, and shared values. In a decade-long span of time, we achieve more when we break big overall goals down into measurable daily activities.


Building a connected community of changemakers. Works within your sphere of influence, and together we track overall shared progress to #makeapositivedifference.


Join in to test the hypothesis that we work faster, smarter, and with more enthusiasm when we build the new world - together. Post your own goal to social media and tag it with #makeapositivedifference.